September 5th, 2003

Pluto close up


This new LJ stuff does not look as appealing as old LJ stuff. Nope...

I might stop playing SC2 for a bit, I've done a lot, and until I get the net and find out how to unlock Lizardman I should probably just go and start playing Lunar again, since I want me them bromides.
Pluto close up

Just noticed something

Vanessa links my page with a Banner that has BoA on it... I like this, because I, like most men who enjoy looking at uber sexy 17 year old korean hotties likes BoA very much.

Arigato Gozaimasu!!

On another somewhat vanessa related note. Melinda, Carly's best friend *Carly being the Prom Date, ex love who didn't like me, yadda yadda* lives in the same complex as me. While I do not know if she is still friends with Carly, the possiblity is high, and now that she knows I live there as well... I really don't want to see Carly ever again, but she might want to see me, I don't know...

Grr, curse my drama.