September 4th, 2003

Pluto close up

JLA/Avengers makes me a happy boy

Yup... Thor cracked Supes reaaaaaaaaal good, made me uber genki. I feel bad that I can't update more often, and I feel totally out of the loop on soooooooo many things because I can't constantly be on and check things and talk to people.

I was telling Laura that I make up for my lack of a social life by being pretty involved with certain areas of online to make up for it.

Now I'm even a bigger loser because I can't do that.

PLUS, I have stories to update on the site *the first love is alive update, hope it goes over well*

And talking to Vanessa is damned near impossible, since she is never there. Anyway, I will post the itty bitty tidbit here: My roommate, one of them at least, listens to KMK, so do the people in the building across from my window, it made me think of you. I would be like "Yes, I know someone who hangs with that guy..." But since I know nothing much of the group, it would make me feel like an icon chaser, I just said that one of my best friends listens to them, too.

No one listens to J-Pop aside from me, though. It makes me understandably sad.