August 14th, 2003

Pluto close up

No phone, no nothing!!!

No internet, we have power and water, which is good, because I can watch DVD's and play video games and watch BoA music videos... but my parents were totally throwing a shit fit when it came to their attention that we didn't yet have a phone set up. I just shook my head and said "You could have gotten me a cell phone like I watned, this would have solved ALL your problems, you know that!" But they didn't listen. Now they want me to get a phone today, which is quite funny since they didn't bring up MY phone, which means that I have no phone to call them with, even if I do get the damned line. Another quirk is the fact that without a phone to call the phone company with how the hell can I tell them to hook up a phone at our place? My parents, they do not think such things through very well it would appear.

Not having the net sucks much ass... very bored last night after I read most of my comics and was so tired that I was knocked out at 10:30, after having popcorn for dinner, and burning a bag... that microwave they provide us with is either very powerful, or the bags my parents got me are just cheap and heat up sooooo fast.

Off to look for a job, which will probably be rather difficult given the fact that I A) Don't have a phone to contact them with, and B) Don't have instant 'net access to check my e-mail, should they e-mail me...

PLUS... I can't watch Soap Operas *cries*

Although to some that is probably a plus. The arcade is closed, which sucks because now that the Soul Calibur 2 fanboy otaku peoplpe are finally gone and don't stalk the machine like crack addicts I can't play... *sigh* after I check what times my classes are I will go to the EoP office and see if they need a receptionist, then I will venture to the library... I think that is all I can do for now... maybe try my old job at Procurement... but I don't think they liked me very much, so they might not let me come back... worth a shot, I guess... oh, and check up on my loan and why I'm still getting shit saying I owe them money when I don't...

Busy day... plus, I will go to peeking... PEEEEEEEEEEKING!!!