August 9th, 2003

Pluto close up


I spent like 8 hours away from my computer today... even more amazing, those 8 hours were spent OUT OF THE HOUSE *gasp*

From 1-5 I was at my aunt's birthday party, my cousins were there, my nephew (in our family, children of the cousins are the cousins niece/nephew... kinda, it's complicated, well, not really, but whatever... this is the mexican side, not the white side) her man and his family, etc etc. It was okay, I guess. I don't own a pair of shorts, so I didn't go swimming (not that I would, since I'm fat and ugly). I refuse to believe that my cousin is now 6 feet tall, but he does have to take those physical thingies, and they do check height and weight... so, I guess I gotta buy it. I'm still taller than him, not surprising, but I never expected him to be anything above... like... 5'8... he was a tiny kid, stupid puberty. Sadly, he has baaaaaaaaaaaad acne, luckily, not on his face, but on his chest and back, and possibly lower, not that I checked. It's... quite... strange.

5-6 I shopped for back to school stuff, nothing big, Target didn't even have Mario Golf for me to guilt my mom into buying me...

But we're going to the mall on monday, and the guilt trip shall be huuuuuuuuge... muwahaha (sailor moon dvd... pray for the sailor moon season 1 box set...)

anyway, came home for about 2 hours, watched a bit of Fools Rush in, since it was on again...

Then I came back to town and my mom's best friend had her 50th birthday party... well, mom has a lot of best friends, but she is one of the better friends, even though she hasn't been to the house in over 4 years, at minimum. Her daughter is still sexy, and yes, she is older than me, so don't be thinking icky things, the girl just looks GOOD... I have no shame in admitting that she is good looking and attractive.

Mom got tipsy, of course, but whatever, it was more fun than my aunt's party because I had people I could talk to, not that I didn't talk to my cousins, but they're high school students (pfft) and these were all adult type people, or people I grew up with so we can talk about other things.

I have to write for my RP sites now, don't know if the house in chico has DSL yet *it better*...