August 3rd, 2003

Pluto close up

So, the reception...

Was a lot of fun. Liz looked good in her dress, but she was wearing sketchers, so it kinda killed the mood. Didn't spend that much time with her, but that's as much my fault as it is hers. Besides, it was their wedding thingy, they had to be with a lot of people, I expected it. Actually I spent most of my time talking with Isabel and Andrea, who I haven't seen in more than passing for more than five minutes since high school, and we've been friends since my days in elementary school. We'll probably get together and talk shit about the failures of Hollister... buwahaha. The best part about that was that I learned that my hated foe, well, not really a foe, but just some guy I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY do not like because he is a racist and elitist bastard is still here, fucked up beyond belief because he does like 95 different drugs and he is always in trouble with the law. I feel good about myself because that loser always thought he was better than everyone else simply because he was who he was, and now look at him, a junkie who still lives off of mommy.

Ah, it was good times indeed. Liz's brother (who was the maid of fucking honor, yes, he's gay... doesn't bother me, but the premise of being a man and being a maid of honor, that was kinda... odd) made the cake, it was damned pretty, small, but pretty.

My wedding and my reception, should they EVER happen, will be on the same day, and have a much bigger cake. Can't get married in a church though, since I'd be burned at the stake and stuff. Which basically means marrying a catholic woman is out of the question and BoA is catholic... FUCK!!!

I am well aware of the fact that I am shameless and have no life and probably have this massive superiority complex that I'm afraid to admit because I'm much too humble...

Yeah, right...
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Pluto close up


The toothless loser commonly known as "Bubbah" is here, and no, I am not lying...

He also ends just about every statement with "Bubbah", much moreso than canadians do with "eh".

It is quite sad.