July 28th, 2003

Pluto close up


The older baby kittens *4 about 4 week olds, 5 are newborns* are starting to crawl around, and be cute, like all kittens are. Funny thing is, one of the bigger babies (4 months-ish... too many cats) named Groucho, because she has a moustache like Marx, but she doesn't like them, she hisses at them. So now it can be Groucho because she's a meanie!
Pluto close up

LJ = Whore

Bob Hope = Dead...

Faretheewell, Mr. Hope, you gave us many laughs, many laughs across many generations in many parts of the world.
Pluto close up

My LJ is like... uberly fucked up...

I barely saw a post Vanessa made OVER 12 hours ago!!!! And it was long, and I know I wouldn't have missed it because I always pay attention to Vanessa's posts, even the ones about HP which I feel are evil and should die...

Anyway, yeah, barely saw that right now, and I say to you, do what you feel is right, it is the best thing to do. Besides, you DESERVE some time off to stare at Kang Ta and FttS and other Korean Hotties before you go back to school, it is your right as a fangirl!