July 27th, 2003

Pluto close up

Have I mentioned how much I dislike weekends?

So, very, boring...

Just watched more of SMS to pass the time, as it normally does. Waiting for someone to bring soda, because we honestly have nothing to drink in this house, not even bottled water. My parents require me to suffer.

Mom was prattling last night, that's probably where I get it from, but she prattles Drunk, I prattle Sober... something is wrong with that one.

Basically she got pissed at me because I didn't want some 4 year old to give me a hug and a kiss, yelling about how I'm mean to the little girl who's so cute and doesn't deserve to be shunned. She talks shit, I don't enjoy being hugged, unless it's my grandma or some other people, but they're family or really close friends, so we're talking different reasoning there (hell, I don't even like hugging her, but that's because I don't much like my mother, love her, yeah, but like her? Noper).

Must... get... out...
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Pluto close up

I have a function to go to, AND IT ISN'T A FUNERAL!!!

That's the big shocker.

But, my best friend and her man are getting hitched on Wendsday...

Course, I can't be at the actual CEREMONY (but that's okay, I'd probably end up having to go to get some ice or a jar of mayo or something and miss the thing like I did at her sisters wedding last year) since it's tiny, 15 people max, and her family alone is welllllllllllll over that limit. No room for the best friend *pouty face*.

Still, come hell or high water I will make a rare public appearance at the umm... shit, what did she call it? Ceremony, I think (see, I have trouble with the happy words, first thing I was gonna call it was service), yeah, we'll go with that... I'll go there, of course, I won't be all snazzy, but I don't think they will, either.

Maybe I can get wedding cake, WEDDING CAKE!!!!
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Pluto close up

It's a reception!

That's what it's called! I remembered while I was picking up Dog poo (don't ask why it struck when it struck, it just did)...

Anyway, watched some of the stars that I own, still pissed about not getting good DVD quality episodes (fucking Starlights, WHY MUST YOU BE FEMBOYS!?!?!)

One of them is the one where Luna is Yaten's cat, and this idol girl goes "Yaten, you're gay, aren't you." And I'm laughing my ass off, because Yaten and Taiki are like... wrong. Seiya is the only decent Starlight, and he won't crush you with his massive forehead like Taiki, he also doesn't have an attack that involves the word uterus, which is ALWAYS a plus... *brr*

The others are the episodes before the starlights, my favorites save for the end because they still had decent animation and a good post SuperS plot, plus, Chibi-Usa fades away, which can be seen as her death, Death of Chibi-Usa makes Set uberly Genki.

Further signs that the writers were on crack: Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss... what the fuck!? At least Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (I think I messed that one up) isn't so... odd...

God, see what Sailor Moon does to me? I rant, I rave, I profess my love to Pluto, and if she asked me to seed her love child I'd be there damned quick, to hell with saving myself!!!!!!!

But, she's, like... older than Dick Clark, and possibly the only person to age better than he... that'd be icky...

Foods here, delirium should fade...
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Pluto close up

Today's Hey Hey Hey!

Chemistry, who aren't that bad, but I probably won't listen to them like I do other male Japanese artists, Glay, Gackt, and Ken Hirai being the big Three, and, of course, the almighty SMAP

Some really scary guy who was in a lime green tux when he did the interview and is now in banana yellow tux... I honestly do not like japanese artists like this, they scare me...

Ragtime, which, much like the Kpop boy groups, concur that dammit, 5 boys ain't enough, we need more!

And Sowelu, who is quite attractive, not BoA, not Ayu, maybe around Hikki level, with a pretty voice. Okay, she's better looking than Ayu was in that ONE horrid picture, but so is the stuff that my dogs drop out of their asses, so it doesn't really count...