July 25th, 2003

Pluto close up

Happy birthday Estelle!!

It's Estelle Getty's birthday, which means that Bea is also 80... damn, they be like... Platnium Girls now, instead of golden girls.


I am sleepy, I just spent 6 hours at the Garlic Festival, which was very boring. The only high point was getting Calamari... the Garlic Festival has the BEST Calamari, and I only get it one time per year, if anything, so I have much love for the Squid.

Called Vanessa, too, told her of very kawaii Gizmo tile, but I don't think she went to go get it, yet... I thought about grabbing it before we left, but we called home and our dogs got out, so we rushed home without doing much, and being stuck in traffic for about a fucking hour...