July 24th, 2003

Pluto close up


Jason just offed Ric?!? Such... such... such...


But he might not be dead, they didn't show the body, he COULD have survived, entirely possible... and in Daytime tradition, he probably will come back...
Pluto close up


Finally found something that looks appealing, sent in an application and everything... hopefully my short writing sample will be enough, I spent most of the time in the history, and not even going into the dept that I did for the last one...
Pluto close up


It does become much easier to post my stories when I'm doing them on word isntead of page builder, which means that I don't have tow rite them on pagebuilder, then veiw the page, then cut and paste onto word and then do LJ cut here... so, HAH!

I present to you, the beginnings of my latest epic, although it has no title...

Feedback, as always, is appreciated...

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Pluto close up

No, I'm not angry

but, I mean, I'm watching S again, because S is so very great, and this is the only SM related icon I have, so it fits. Of course, my beloved Pluto doesn't come around until things REALLY start getting good (The Death of Uranus and Neptune... dear lord, it almost made me cry, even when it was horribly dubbed, it was still really good)

And Rei gets attacked in the first episode, DEATH TO REI!
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