July 17th, 2003

Pluto close up

Going away for the weekend

Going to Ventura with my Aunt, my Grandma, and possibly my cousin, if he chooses to go, hell, if he's even back in town yet (here's hoping no to either account, we don't get along). It should be fun, I like going to Ventura, after all, I get money from my daddy to spend, and if I don't spend any of it I'll be in pure profit zone, all for nothing!

However, I will probably be looked down upon for my love of BoA, Ayu, Hikki, Fly to the Sky, and the rest of my asian pop stars, since, no matter what, my cousins seem to look down at my tastes in music. Probably because I'm not a conformist like they are. It's fun being the black sheep, and it's even more miraculous because they accept me for being the black sheep that I am (nods). That's why I love most of my family there, because they're so much cooler and nicer than my family here, they tend not to judge as much, and they're nowhere near as dramatic, for the most part.

PLUS we're not going there for a funeral, which is the reason 85% of the time. The family over there is a bunch of great aunts and uncles and stuff, so they don't live that long. Sad, but true... we're actually going to see my uncle, who's in an old folks home about 30 minutes from Ventura, I went there last time. Unlike the old folks home my great grandma was put in (and Vanessa worked at before she got the job elsewhere) here in town it isn't depressing. It's a very nice place, and you don't feel toooooo bad about the fact that the people are all dying and stuff. You just don't get that sense of things at the place where he is at. Or, at least, I didn't when I went last time, which was the day after christmas last year.

Maybe things have changed, prehaps not...

Find out when I get there, won't we?
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Pluto close up

Haircut and stuff

Went and got my haircut at Supercuts, which is right next to the Starbucks. Now, I don't want to say Carlos is LYING, but it did seem like the Starbucks was the place to be for high school and young adults, aka, the most evil vile age group in this town. I saw one girl I knew, and one guy who I knew of, a super-egotistical jock boy, the urge to smack was great, oh, so, very, great...

Bah, I hate being here soooooooo much!

Anyway, I was pondering this last night, so I'll post it here, and it might be a little long, but I hope I can get some feed back

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