July 14th, 2003

Pluto close up

I hate buzz words, HATE THEM!!!!!

Really, all this shit with people saying "kewl" or "Rox's" or using "Sweet" as an adjective other than you know, the correct meaning...

And "Dude", that was cool when TMNT was around, GET OVER IT AND STOP USING THE FUCKING WORD!!!!!

Sorry, I'm just bitter and being older than I should be...

Uncle got a restraining order from the evil step grandma...

That is all
Pluto close up

Heh, the water temple of OoT

The evils that were in that fucking thing... THE EVILS!!!!

My friend is complaining about them right now and I got a chuckle, because many years ago, okay, about 5 (OoT's 5 year anniversary is this thanksgiving) I was also swearing and going "FUCKING STUPID ASS WATER LEVEL!!!! AAAAARG!"

They were good times.
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