July 8th, 2003

Pluto close up

So very bored...

Eventually I'll just start putting empty stuff in the message box, it's better than this useless filler material.

Tuesdays suck, nothing on after Dynasty finishes.

Speaking of Dynasty: Miles and Monica are Jason's kids!!! So happy!!!!
Pluto close up

I've found something quite amusing...

I was looking for the gateway papers so I could call them and tell them that my computer is still fucking up. Or rather, the fan inside the computer is still fucking up... but anyway, they're in Mom's room, since she holds all the paperwork (and the prom pictures, which I wanted to burn). Okay, on with the actual post... Mom was watching Oprah (enter shrieking and sounds of vomit) and they're doing something about granting people their wishes.

Well, one lady, probably like 30's or so... her wish was to be on fucking sesame street. She's like "I used to watch Big Bird when I was little, and I always wanted to go there, and I still want to know..."

I believe I've found a person more pitiful than I. It truly is cause for celebration.

Of course, I'm moping around because my dad took the tv away before I could feed my soap opera urge (curse these summer months of nothing to do, so I end up watching daytime... the vice, she was too strong...)
Pluto close up


I hate searching for stuff, and I tried looking for fanart, but got jack shit...
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