July 5th, 2003

Pluto close up

No shame!

One of my dad's friends, who is probably OLDER than my father, hell, he might be in his 60s, I've honestly got no clue...

Anyway, he was just talking about reading the latest Harry Potter book.

So Shameless.

People just can't read Anita Blake...
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Pluto close up

I hate it when that happens...

I got a piece of dust or lint or something stuck in my throat, so it was making me cough and gag and generally giving me puke-esque sounds... it's better now, but it wasn't fun, not fun at all
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Pluto close up

Well, damn

here I thought I had come up with some clever link towards a power ranger and a general hospitaler...

But Andrew St John and Austin St John are not directly related, at least according to Austin's Bio on IMDB.

Austin however was in a movie called expose, luckily, it isn't porn, and he wasn't a major player...

Stupid Jamiee Foxworth