June 29th, 2003

Pluto close up

Hikki might be cute as fuck

Regardless of what Vanessa says, Hikki is damned sexy... no BoA, but at least better looking than that picture of Ayu where her face was all broken out and shit... that picture caused me much mental scarization...

But even she can't make hot pink socks and gloves work with Black Leather.
Pluto close up


I went to target, hoping that they would have a gb player, because I have the urge to purchase one, provided it is reasonably priced, 30 bucks tops...

Well, they didn't have it, which angered me. Nonetheless, I bought me 50 blank CDs, and I will now begin burning my j and k and c pop vids, because I do not want to lose them should my computer actually take a big shit, which may happen soon, I don't know.

Then, as I was walking away, I looked at the CD's, saw that Michelle Branch's Hotel Paper had been released on tuesday. Got that... looked the other direction, saw FF Origins staring at me, taunting me... so I got that as well, but I have no memory on my ps memory card, do I had to spend money on getting one of those as well...

Needless to say, spent 80 bucks at Target, very sad.

And I still want a gb player
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Pluto close up

More Hometown antics...

went to Bevos after the mini-shopping spree. Saw not 1, not 2, but THREE people I graduated with that, presumably are still stuck here full time.

One of them was Rene's old girlfriend, the one Vanessa hates... okay, that slims it down... *really...* fine, the one Vanessa hates and was/is a good friend of Carly's.

She used to work at Target, now she works at Bevos...

I'm trying to debate which is the worse of the two evils. Probably Target, since more people can see you there. I feel for these people, because, even if I end up getting stuck in this hellhole once again, at least I'll have gotten out and done something, or at least tried to do something, with my life.

Thus, is the curse of Hollister.

Oh, yeah, today was important for a reason, but SOMEONE (again points to Vanessa) doesn't give a damn!