June 27th, 2003

Pluto close up

It's not entirely true, but what the hell...

much thanks to Draco17 for posting it in her journal, thusly allowing me to take it!

Nobody will find a single mistake in your fics--not
a spelling error, not a grammar error, and
especially not a canonical mistake! You'd
probably be mortified at so much as even a
comma out of place. You work hard on your fics,
and does it ever show! Your plots are complex
and intelligent, and your characters are almost
perfect replicas of their canon counterparts.
Yours are the kind of fanfics people can get
lost in, and even forget they're not reading
the real thing! Thanks for writing such great
stuff. Just remember it's okay to losen up a

What Kind of Fanfiction Writer Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not a perfectionist, read my early shit, SPELLING ERRORS EVERWHERE!!! GRAMMAR, TOO!!! I've certainly gotten a bit better as my time went on, and with constant proding by a certain someone, who doesn't even check this journal, so blech.

But, at the moment, the shit I've done isn't complex or intelligent at all, I'm in a rut. And I don't like being in ruts...

Plus, I should be way more angsty...
Pluto close up


Two episodes of Reba all Summer long!?!?!


That makes me so happy.

As does the Iceman X2 action figure that is soon to be released.

More Shawn Ashmore... yes, I'm a fanboy.

But, no, I wouldn't get him and Logan and build them a kitchen and then have them do stuff together...

Because that is both nasty AND would require, you know, spending money on something Wolverine related. Which is a very bad thing.