June 25th, 2003

Pluto close up

It is as I feared...

I'm rewatching the Hey Hey Hey love fest... sadly, the tape, while still very watchable, suffers greatly from that TV to VCR conversion process. In other words, it's not pristine like it was when I watched it before.

This is a sad thing, but at least you can still see and hear everything.

Yesterday Sarah came by, and we watched the BoA 8 films, Vanessa claimed she didn't have everyheart, but it's one of the damned videos!
Pluto close up

A post that is likely sure to please Carlos...

Apparently G & J liquor store, the one by our old McDonalds, (yes, my hometown has an old and a new McDonalds, the Old being about 17, the New being around 7) does not card for Liquor. How do I know this, given my strong anti-alky stance on... well... life. Simple, mommy's a boozehound, but liquor stores also have candy, which I crave, so I go in there. As I'm walking in I see someone I graduated with walking out. I can only assume he was purchasing a beer, but I may be incorrect... however, another person, WHO JUST FUCKING GRADUATED! (unless he failed, which is possible as well, given his high level of idiocy) got a 12 pack, the owner guy at the counter didn't even ask for his I.D. This fuels my earlier quandry, as I once saw another student of my graduating class purchasing liquor.

Add that to the fact that our stupid paper promotes teenage drinking...

It's easy to see why I hate being here so very much.

Side Note: Melinda works with my mom at the gym now... imagine that. Carly might still hang with Melinda... let us hope the paths do not cross, for that would be bad, very bad indeed.
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Pluto close up

Yeah, I'm very bored...

But boredom sometimes fuels me best.

However, this is not one of those times. Explain something to me... how the fuck can kids that were born in 1992 already be older than I am and college drop outs?!

This is why I try and avoid daytime soap operas, with the exception of really retro episodes of One life to Live so that I can stare and gawk at the oh so sexy Tina... but they don't show really retro episodes of One Life To Live, so I don't get to gawk at the oh so sexy Tina. She's on passions now, and she isn't nearly as oh so sexy.

Quite sad, really...

Anywho, that Brady Black guy over at days, I remembered him because he was a football jock boy who got shot and was pouting because he couldn't play football, or some such nonsense. Of course, Jocks in pain ALWAYS amuse Set, until he has his children, whom are destined to be jocks, just because nothing ever goes the way Set wants it...

So, I finally found out he got shot, but he's okay now *drat*

And a part of me STILL wants to be on a soap... what can I say, I like drama.
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