June 24th, 2003

Pluto close up

short quiz..

Yuu Matsura!
Yuu Matsuura!
Your good looks aren't your only feature, neither
is your smart brain... :P
Its also your mysterious personality.

Which Marmalade Boy Character are you?
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Honestly, 3 questions, 4 choices each...

Hardly what I'd call an accurate personality test. But it was M-Boy, so I didn't ask questions, I just took it.

A pity I didn't get Ginny, she's so pretty...
Pluto close up


I was watching VH1's history of bubblegum pop.

You know what I noticed... in the It's gonna be Me video all the N'Syncers looked like they did in real life while they were in that doll make-up... everyone except Justin. His face was even more fucked up than normal. I think it had to do with his curls.

Then my dad went and changed it on me, I miss mocking boybands, it's no fun when there aren't any boybands around to mock.

Of course, there is good charolette, but... damn... those fuckers bug me.