June 20th, 2003

Pluto close up


I think something is marginally fucked up with my computer. It didn't restart when I closed Mozilla (which was quite surprising) but it did shut off for no reason while I was playing Heroes of Might and Magic three.

I did Ad-Aware, and the only spyware I have is that gator shit (thanks, Jeremy, for putting that on).

Thankfully I can still use my parent's computer if I need to go get it worked on somewhere, which I probably do.

But first I will have to burn all my j-pop vids, and other vids of importance. I don't mind losing the songs, they're quite easy to download, but the music and promotional videos I have on here... those I don't really want to go without.

I believe I'm going to go get some blank CD's soon.
Pluto close up

Atlantis Princess!!

I just got it!

Well, Vanessa burned me the CD, and I've had that for over a week, but I just got the actual album... soooooo
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Pluto close up

Oh, for the bloody love of god...

The local paper, at least one of them, I think the Free Lance, reports that the graduating seniors called the safe ride program 600 times over the weekend. Worse, they were PROUD of that. For those who don't know, Safe Ride program thing is a program that let's drunken foolish immature seniors get a ride back so they don't crash and become part of the all too quickly growing group of moronic teenagers in this town who die in automobile related accidents. So, lemme get this straight. We're supposed to be HAPPY that we've got such a large population of graduating seniors, who are SUPPOSED to be the future of this country, hell, even the world, breaking the law by underage drinking?

Even more ironically, the picture showed two kids, one of them graduated from the same middle school as me. Further proof that a large percent of people who go from my school to high school turned up rather fucked up in the head.

Hell, I'm in this group, but for better reasons than I'm some drunken, druggie, sex addict.
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