June 16th, 2003

Pluto close up


Passed all my classes!

American Government (The Devil) C-
Acting (Loved it) A
Philosophy 002 (Liked the class, liked MOST of the people, but Jeremy and his crew really did test my nerve) C+
Biology 004 (The Other Devil) C

Pluto close up


Pat Benatar was in concert some scant hour and a half away a few days ago. Not that it mattered, by the time we found out she was playing all the really good seats were taken. My father has many faults that may turn out to be blessings, but in this case it was a fault, because he only wants to have the most expensive and best seats that money can buy if he goes just about anywhere. Certainly a plus if you can get the informationa nd the order in early enough, but we had two weeks, all that were left were the dinky seats to the side.

No matter, last year we saw her at the Merced County fair, it cost 7.50, and we got sooooooooooooo close. It was great. Yes, I went to a concert with my parents. I also went to Jefferson Starship with them, which was my first concert ever, about a week and a half prior. I'm a horrid person who needs to get out and my parent's whipped baby boy, I know these things. Still, I wasn't bitching, didn't mind being seen with mom and dad, PAT WAS PLAYING!

Alas, it appears that this will be the downfall of seeing Heart as well, that and the fact that it's past my move in date, and I kinda want to move into my apartment as soon as I can.
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