June 15th, 2003

Pluto close up


It's father's day, but Mother is acting like... well... mother... and being an uber-bitch to father.

Of course, I didn't get him anything, but to be fair, I didn't get mom anything either, can't play favorites and all.

On the plus side, my Cyclops mini-statue 2 pack thingy is now here, and I am happy, because I will get them and worship them.
Pluto close up

Michael Jackson: E! True Hollywood Story!

Ooooo, I've already missed 45 minutes of the show... but I will watch the remaining hour and 15 minutes. So far it's already scared me.

He and Corey Haim talked on the phone for 2 hours when Michael called him on the phone at 11 at night.

And as Corey got older, they become less friendly.

So, that Gavin kid, as seen in Living with... only has a few years left before he's too old and Michael boots him out of his kingdom? It's like Menudo, you shave, you leave!
Pluto close up


They speak of line 18 syntax error whenever I close my browser, it's not a good thing, and is beginning to bug me. Please, I keep on getting stupid messages about stuff that I don't care about, like encrypted pages when I check the thing that says " DO NOT TELL ME AGAIN ABOUT ENCRYPTED PAGES!"

Very annoying.