June 14th, 2003

Pluto close up

Coke amuses me

Apparently they fired a truck driver for the company because he was seen drinking a pepsi product.

Honestly, Coke just can't accept that PEPSI JUST FUCKING TASTES BETTER.

It also had that icky russian sex commercial thing, but we try not and remember that.
Pluto close up


Apparently my cousin, in her so very finite wisdom, doesn't want to pay for the car that she had my grandma get for her. As such, my dad wants to get it for me.

Here's the kicker though, he wants me to make the fucking payments.

Yeah, I'm gonna make payments on a car that I CANNOT DRIVE?!

Methinks there is something wrong with that system.
Pluto close up


My trip to target with daddy did not provide me with much bounty in way of mocking people I graduated high school with who still maintain a job at the discount change store in my hometown. I saw one person, but I almost always see him at Target, because he's always there, and apparently has no life whatsoever. But people made fun of him and hung out wiht him and he thought it was cool, but I felt bad for him.

Won't you guess his name?

I am in rather dire need of finding a job now.

And no, it will not be at target.
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    sad, the people in my hometown appear to be gaining shame