June 4th, 2003

Pluto close up

The un navigational devil that is X-World!

Finally does my Grimlock statue ship, and the world will be a better place. Here I am thinking "YES!!!!! GRIMLOCK!!!!" Only problem is... I can't find the product with my 10 dollar pre-order discount thingy taken out of the price...

I spent at least 20 minutes looking and typing in all the links they gave me, nothing...

Needless to say, I am not very happy.

If I didn't already have so much shit to deal with, I'd e-mail them... but I'll do that tomorrow, since I do have 10 days to make the payment before anything gets finalized.
Pluto close up


It's what I've been yelling as of late...

Because one of the cats seems to take massive enjoyment out of stealing my computer chair the minute I go to do something else.

Anywho: The mouth of my hometown (we shall just call her the one who is more evil than gates... buttttttttt) didn't know that Grandpa had died... which shocked the hell out of me. Two days he's been gone, two days that she didn't know. Here I was thinking everything got to her the second it happened...

BUT, no more than 5 minutes after she finds out... who calls? Her favorite "pet", my Aunt *who she once tried to kill with scissors, but we don't wanna get into that*.

Predictable beyond belief...

I hate that bitch, the evil lady, not my aunt.
Pluto close up


Sorry, Vanessa, didn't know you were on until I saw you leave, I would have talked... but I was playing a computer game that was full screen...


Go see USA Musume and have fun!