May 28th, 2003

Pluto close up

Chocobo's are EVIL!!!!

I've went through at least 10 random encounters on the chocobo tracks in FF9 and they haven't come one fucking time...

I mean, the exp is good and all, but I want to start playing hot and cold

And, since it wouldn't let me post this a year ago, I now say that I have found the chocobo and two chocographs, although I still want more, and the damned birds are still evil.

So is Vanessa, because she never gave me that Choco plushie!
Pluto close up


Man, the fucking costumes in FF9 are creepy. I mean, Eiko's like... 8 and she's wearing crotchless jumpsuit thingy... and Kuja, didn't notice that he was showing his highly girly waist with his costume. Truly, Kuja aspires to be a poor man's Kefka, and he succeeds, because none can dare rival Kefka in supreme evilness.

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that Seph IS cooler, but c'mon, Kefka could sure as fuck run Seph down into the ground with pure devilishly evil plots.

Sides, as a friend once said (you know who you are) "The ONLY thing that makes Seph so fucking cool is that walking through the fire scene, take that away and you've really got nothing."

He's still got offing Aeris (Aerith), but I agree, certain... elements that were not out when Kefka first gave us that horribly wonderful 16 bit laugh (do it with me now) made Seph look light years ahead of the villain of yore.

But, need we remind that Kefka pretty much destroyed the world, causing it to lose it's innocence, and killing a whoooooooooooooole lotta people, including all the moogles save the main man Mog (KUPO!)?

No, we don't.

Fucking crotchless jumpsuits, SHE IS 8 DAMNED YEARS OLD... crazy japanese