May 27th, 2003

Pluto close up

Nepotism fails, once again!

Well, so much for getting inside the system with Mommy's connections.

Looks like I won't be working at the gym, they ain't hiring.

Now it would appear that I'm actually going to have to look for a job.

I'd kinda like to spend some time doing what Vanessa did, working for the church doing random crap and getting 100 non-taxed dollars per hour.

But that would require going to the church, which would probably cost me dearly.

I'm changing my ordering procedures on the statues I got from x-world, the Phoenix mini-statue should be here by the end of the week, or mid-next week.

It makes me happy.
Pluto close up

Once more the boonies prove to be my downfall...

Hollinet says that I can't get DSL out here, since I'm like 15 miles away from town, where the server is located, and that's pretty much how it's gonna be, since it's the closest Internet Service Provider in the general area. And I don't think my parents get AT&T, which kind of overides the whole getting DSL from Broadband thing...

On the plus side, this internet hasn't been acting super wonky for three days, so it may be behind me.

But I've learned long ago never to get my hopes up.


Fucking boonies