May 20th, 2003

Pluto close up

Watshi no baka desu!

Okay, I'm such a moron...

I think my final's at noon

It's at 2...

So, now I'm at school for an extra two hours, don't feel like walking back home only to stand around and do nothing for an hour and walk back...

This is one plus of the dorms, you're on campus, just walk for two seconds, and poof, that's it, all nice and back home with the ethernet *the other plus, provided you're in Lassen/Shasta*

Shouldn't the people be yet another plus? Yes, they should.

Are they? Nope.

Last Buffy Tonight... people who know what happens say I will cry, I laugh at them. Whenever I'm supposed to cry, I don't.

Whenver I'm not supposed to cry, I feel like it...

I'm fucked up like that, I guess.
Pluto close up


Two hours after I THOUGHT It was happening... I finished my first final. NO MORE POLISCI FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless... of course... I fail the class... which would be very bad, but since we only need a D-... I don't think I could have done THAT Bad.

Of course, while I was doing my final I was thinking about something else: Why hasn't anyone done a Jim Lee Psylocke in bathing suit staring at Scott statue? DAMN... I'd so buy that...
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