May 19th, 2003

Pluto close up

Fictional dialog!

I love Wizard... I really do, it's a great and entertaining magazine, even when it says that Zatanna is a lame character (She's NOT, SHE'S NOT!!!!!!!! *cough) But... ever wonder why Wolvie gets all the covers? Here's how I think it goes.

Wizard Offices:

Wizard Employee #1: Okay, we're here to decide what to put as a variant cover to the latest issue.

WE (Wizard Employee) #2: Why don't we put Wolverine on the cover!

Rational Wizard Employee (RWE) *hey, I Figure there has to be at least one*: Haven't we done enough issues with him on the cover to last us for the next few years?

WE 1 and 2 gasp

WE 2: You can never have too many Wolverine covers! We haven't even done enough for the 2003 year!

RWE: Yes we have. *Pulls out cover spreads* Look, he's been the cover four times, and we've only had 5 issues print this year.

WE 1: How'd we let that one month slip past?

RWE: I made the decision while you were busy puking after Saint Patricks day.

WE 1: Ahh...

WE 2: Still, we should have Wolverine again!

WE 1: Yes, Yes, the people love Wolverine!

RWE: We don't even have any articles featuring him this month!

WE 1: How'd we let that one slip by?

WE 2: What are we talking about in the next issue

RWE: JLA/Avengers.

WE 2: Didn't They talk about Wolverine at a press event with Perez and Busiek.

RWE: Yes, and he was mentioned purely because Kurt said he wasn't going to be in the damned book!

WE 1: But they did mention him, right?

RWE: *Groan* Yes...


WE 1: Same here!

WE 2: You know what would be a great cover for the next issue?

WE 1: What's that?

WE 2: Wolverine...

And so... the cycle begins anew...