May 13th, 2003

Pluto close up

Ha cha cha!!!

I don't have to go to school on Thursday!!! One class got cancelled and my drama class is having a test, which I don't have to take since I'm such a great student who goes to every class and was never late.

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Pluto close up

Well, this was a shock...

Apparently Chris is going to study abroad in Chile next year. So... I barely find out about this today... Juan and Waldo have known for MONTHS... MONTHS... I mean, I'm kinda mad about the fact that I consider him my best friend that I've made since I've been here... but apparently now that I'm not a resident I'm just that annoyance. Granted, it's not unexpected... after all, I've been feeling neglect from my best friends since High School when Liz stopped being around all the time and I was lucky to see her... umm... ever (I see her more now... like once a year instead of once every leap year), but that doesn't make it any easier. I'm happy for him, really... He'll have fun, and it's what he wants to do. He's my friend, I only want him to be happy.

Watch, next year the same thing will happen with Kelli and all the other people I've met this year that I've made a relationship with.

Because that's how things go in my world.

Maybe I should get a puppy...