May 11th, 2003

Pluto close up

Ugg, blasted Mother's day...

it's funny, technically when my mom called at 12:35 (hammered, as usual) it WAS mother's day... because today is mother's day, right? Yeah, it is... anywho, she calls, i'm trying to sleep, I tell her this, yet she still conspires against my wishes and prattles on in her drunken stupor.
Pluto close up

I lub Hisashi!!!!

you are hisashi, the smart but strange one of the group. you are into
computers, anime, and anything that has either a computer chip or
cybernetic wires installed. you are reserved, and rarely talk during
interviews, but on stage, a wild force to contend with. you may have a
depressing background, but you manage to cover it up with wild costumes
and funky hairstyles. you are geek within and out, and you're not afraid
to flaunt it.... </font>

you are hisashi.

you lucky bastard.

cha cha cha...
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