April 30th, 2003

Pluto close up

Wizard is on my badside!!!

No... really... it is... it PISSED me off today. THEY CALLED ZATANNA A LAME JLA MEMBER!!!!!!! No one insults my beloved Z'anna! NO ONE!!!!


On the plus side: X-Men legends starts out with the five original x-men, which means that I may never have to use Wolvie if I so desire... I shall now find myself purchasing this game when it comes out.

Back to the down side: It appears that Donna Troy is going to bite the dust in the upcoming Titans/Young Justice Graduation day. Reason being? Wizard showed 8 page preview, and it never SAID anything... but the way Cassie looked at the Donna statue... it just hinted toooooo much.

Plus, she's not talking to Kon, so I'm thinking he had something to do with it...

Already Teen Titans gives me my angst, ANGST!!!!

Not going to Bio 004 today... just can't...