April 28th, 2003

Pluto close up


Waking up at 8:15 is already a pain in the ass (nods)

And apparently the croc hunter was allowed to spawn. WHY!?
Pluto close up

Okay... this is pretty damned scary...

~ motivation ~
Strives for independence

~ character ~
Oozes confidence

~ feelings ~
Does not like conflict

~ intelligence ~
Known for their inventiveness

~ spiritual ~
Is sure of their direction

~ nature ~
Affable and peace loving

~ inherent ~
You are always composed

damn damn damn scary... because the parts that are true are REAL true...

Much Thanks to Matt for providing the link in his LJ
Pluto close up

That was odd...

Navid's friend, who likes to be called Izzy (if this is his ACTUAL name or not is unknown, likely to not be...) saw me as I was walking to the computer lab, I needed water badly, a sign that I really need to get some shopping done because I don't have any damned water... that's pretty bad, and he saw me, talked to me about how he liked Anime, asked if I like video games, I replied yes... so he said he'd stop by and play with me sometime.

Normally this would be good, but the fact that Izzy may come only brings more chance that Navid will join him.

It's not that I dislike Izzy, I have nothing against him, it's his choice in Iranian comrades *heh, double cultural standard* that I question