April 24th, 2003

Pluto close up


The school week is over... never thought I'd get it finished with, what with the barrage of tests that were given to me, but now I have finished and it feels good. GOOD. I got a C on my Phil 002 and Polisci 55 tests (C------------------------- on the Polisci, one more wrong answer and it would have been a D+... brrr) and probably a C- D(ish) on the Bio test, which will really be like a 20%, but curves are my friend, grading curves, not body curves, although there ain't nothin wrong with those either.

Jeremy was using the computer I'm using right now before me, so I'm glad he's gone, last thing I want to do is talk with my old roommate more than I have too, which I already do since we're in the same fucking class!!!!

Today we got scene partners for our final scene in acting, I got paired up with Mike, who wasn't in class. Now, let me give you some info on Mike, he bares more than a passing resemblance to Eminem, and is quite litterally addicted to pot, I mean, even my parents can have a conversation without mentioning pot, but Mike can't...

The funny thing is, my character, Warren, is the son of a drug dealer, cocaine to be specific. How much you wanna bet I can get into that roll reallllllllllll good?

Mike might request we change the drug to Weed... but no, no weed! does that mean I support cocaine more than weed? I'd like to say... no... but... dunno...

I kinda wanted to work with a girl, they're cooler to work with, but at the very least I didn't get forced into working with Dan... again. I paid my dues once, someone else can be the sacrificial lamb.

The Soul Calibur 2 machine in the BMU is once again being stalked by people with nothing better to do, and no, I will NOT Join the Red Army... I'm not a good player so it wouldn't be fair if I did...