April 19th, 2003

Pluto close up

curse you, blue oval, CURSE YOU!!!

I walk down to the store formally known as Circle K, now know as Blue Oval... because they have good nachos, and I had a hankering for Nachos. Lately the cheese dispenser has been dead, and they used to have a sign saying "out of cheese"... they didn't anymore, so I thought "hey, they must not be "out of cheese"", so, I buy the nachos, pay, and go back... no cheese... already paid, the girl's like "yeah, we're out of cheese..." I didn't want to request my money back, and I'm kinda happy that I didn't, those chips were still damned good.

Jay was going to come with, but he was caught up playing Indy the free computer demo... we got a chuckle out of when they went to China and I was all "BoA will be there!" and he said "BoA's great Grandmother... who is still incredibly hot..."

And yes, we're both aware that BoA is from Korea, which one... that we don't know, we'd like to think it's the one that isn't testing naughty weapons...
Pluto close up

When she sings, there is only pain...

Becca, the girl who frequents my place of work... was watching Cher's farewell tour. Fine and dandy, I ain't got nothing AGAINST Cher (Babe... I got you Babe) but... she tries to sing WITH Cher... now, Imagine the horrid voice of Britney, toss in that pitiful attempt that Tanya Harding made at singing (and no, nobody got clubbed so she could get a record deal... or did they...) multiply by several hundred... and you still aren't close... ooooh, I know, that whole Superbowl Suffle thing times the Wrestlemania song that they had back in the 80's... now you're getting closer.

But, she has left... for now... all is well... did I express the whole for now thing?