April 16th, 2003

Pluto close up


Reliablity is a bad thing in some cases. Take today for instance: I come to do my normal shift, which lasts a whole half hour... Ellie, one of my bosses, comes in and says "Did Melany call you?" and I told her, "No, I work for a half hour before Melany." She answers "Well... she's sick... and I was supposed to call and find someone to cover for her, but I forgot... so can you do it?"

Of course, being the sap that I am, I said I would. And Now I'm here, for another two and a half hours *rounded down*, very hungry... want food badly *Elf needs food... badly... teehee*

Nonetheless, today wasn't a total loss. Last Monday my Phil 002 used me as a sample for some random question that was "loaded", so she asked me how often I masturbated, in front of the whole class. Now, at the time, I was understandably silent, and that was the point. Brownie point for me, yay!

At any rate, today, Brian (one of Jeremy's friends...) wants to be a smart ass and asks me the same question while we're doing group work. Now, Brian isn't the brightest boy in the world, presumed years of Binge Drinking and pot smoking have killed what small amount of brain cells the boy may have had. Nonetheless, I answer him, and I answer him honestly. My reply "Not as much, but more discretely than Paul Rebuens", for those that don't know, Paul is Pee-Wee Herman... I don't think you need any more of a lead in than that.

Brian had no answer to that *shock of shocks*. Just shows that idiots shouldn't try to be smart asses if they don't know how to back it up.