April 15th, 2003

Pluto close up

I just realized

That I didn't post yesterday... ya'll musta been pretty damned happy about that one. Anywho, Class was canceled, the acting class that I should be at right now, as well as the only class that I even remotely enjoy going to on tuesdays... so that really does suck. I thought I could head on out to the BMU and get some quality soul calibur 2 time in (played it yesterday with Matt, who doesn't like it when I talk about him on my journal, but I doubt he would object to that) but noooooooooooooooo, some random guy (who also fancies using Kilik, just like the aforementioned) is playing it already... and he cashed at least a 5 dollar bill. Methinks he'll be there for awhile.

I dislike arcade hogs, and it's not like I have any chance of playing against this guy and winning, what with my second time playing the game and my third time playing the series (played Edge once upon a time, so very long ago)

I get more financial aid next year, woohoo!

Now, I'm off to go injest some food, for I crave some yummy in my tummy
Pluto close up

Heh, a Cross Post...

Don't really do those much, nor do I do previews, but on this, I feel I must. This is the current story that I am working on, I know some people like Ducktales (if you don't, damn you!) So, if you could, do a bit of proof reading. I'm really only looking for input on if Scrooge is being written in a manner that fits his character, not much else matters... of course, other feedback is good too. It's short, at least by standards of how long my stories can go...

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