April 12th, 2003

Pluto close up

My present... to me!



Dunno why xworld doesn't show him anymore... so I had to improvise


All three shall be mine... they have been ordered (only cost 47 something down, 10 for the singles, 20 for the Scott's... total is something like 160)

I shall be one happy boy when I get my Statues
Pluto close up


Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored...

I am still on the persuasion that Andrew Dice Clay needs to be throttled in many painful and just not nice ways.

This may be a long desk shift, I've only gotten half hour through, still got 3 and a half... hmm...

Andy downloaded Yahoo games... and I've come to the conclusion that they all involve some sort of tetris like goal, clear lines... it gets boring after the bazillioneth time, what can I say?

I missed the part of I love the 80's that spoke of Teddy Rupxin (spelling) I miss that bear... I still have mine, although he doesn't have his vest thingy, and he probably doesn't work in the off chance that we find a tape. I never did have the worm, grubby I believe his name was, or the old guy *assuming the old guy got a plush/robot, toy people tend to be biased against the old people, they just don't have the pull of the younger teens. Okay, fine... Wolverine doesn't count, since the man's like 50000000 years old, but I digress...*

Aisha Tyler is still so very sexy...

Add Corey Haim AND Corey Feldmen to the list of those that need to be hurt in various forms, each more painful than the last... yes... PAIN!!