April 10th, 2003

Pluto close up

I need more energy...

That's what my acting professor proclaims. He said so when he gave me my grade on my scene, it was a 45, which is a 90% an A-, technically... which is cool. Dunno what my partner got. I am happy with the grade, but I am unhappy with this "need more energy" shit... I don't DO energy, it's beneath me... I'm cold, blunt, and just not energetic.. very bad for me to be told I need more energy.

I'm going to see him in Darkfall tonight he plays the Devil, quite typecasted I think.

Again my parents fucked up on the dynasty recording... got a few episodes, some cut off, some cut off, some cut off... this is not to be tolerated...
Pluto close up

Wow, my teacher makes for a damned fine devil...

Saw "Dark Fall"... excellent production, not really because my teacher was THE main character, if he wasn't my teacher he still would have made for a damned fine Luke (Lucifer). The humor was well written and well acted out, although since it was based on religious beliefs and some of the humor had throwbacks to the bible I was kind of lost, in addition to the corporate world, so that was double losted.

Anywho, the people in Chico really should see it, it's playing for three weeks, today was it's opening.

On to other things: Reviewers are idiots, really... they can be fucking morons. I got a review for the second part of my RB Trilogy (which has now been expanded, site exclusive) and the reviewer said I should write more... now, in the descriptions I put that it's the sequel to such and such, and then in IT's sequel I put it's the sequel to that one... yet, apparently, said reviewer didn't pick up on this, the most obvious of hints.

Still, I got a review (ding ding ding)