April 9th, 2003

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If Ramses post rings true... we are indeed very, VERY screwed.

If Another Street Fighter movie is allowed to be made... I won't be happy.

Well, if they let Ming-Na wear that cute as fuck Chun-Li outfit... I'd be certainly less... against it...

But still, bad movie, very bad movie... stay away!

On a lighter Note: DC Direct is going to be my friend soon... for they are going to make a Zatanna mini-bust next April. Zatanna being my all time favorite DC gal *so sexy, she is...*
Pluto close up


I, like many of my generation, remember fondly watching ABC's TGIF line-up (back when it was, as I saw it then, decent) nothing could pry me away from Full House of Family Matters (the latter of which is STILL amusing... the former should be stripped from all memory for the good of humanity). So, I go to IMDB, the site of gods, and look up what happened to Judy Winslow, because she just kinda stopped being on the show all of a sudden. Turns out that producers didn't want to explore her character any longer and chose to make her go upstairs and never come back down (think Seven on Married With Children). Okay, nothing wrong with that... fast foward a few years, Judy is now 21... AND MAKING PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shatters so much of my fond memories (sure, I never really liked the girl, but dammit, don't go and make porn, that's bad...) about the show. First the actress who played Myra died, which made me sad, and then the actress that played Mother Winslow died, which almost had me in tears because that old gal was uber-bad ass, but this... this is unexplainable and should not be accepted!

Now I demand all Family Matters episodes with Judy Winslow be taken off the air... along with anything involving Full House
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News that will surely make Vanessa please:

IMDB proclaims that the Fourth Harry Potter movie has a chance of being made into two seperate movies. Although they did not give any specifics, they did claim that the pre-production is taking quite awhile.

I, for one, do not want two Harry Potter movies for one Harry Potter book...

Of course, I do not want Harry Potter movies OR Harry Potter books... bah