April 7th, 2003

Pluto close up


I finished Cerulean Sins in four days... that's an average of 100 pages per day. And let me tell you... THE BOOK KICKS ASS! Okay... some smut (fine, a lot of smut... very bad smut that involved Anita taking Jean-Claude's entire... lower regions... yeah, don't want to get into it... bad, very bad) but the smut didn't bog down the story. As always the author makes me chuckle with her very dry humor and satire-esque wit.

Well worth the money I spent on it, well worth indeed...
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Pluto close up

Ah... the glory days...

Yesterday, since I was up at a very early time, one that I should not have been up at and will not do it again if I can get away with it, I had a few minutes to kill so I did some channel surfing. ABC Family was showing Power Rangers, it might have been Wild Force, it might have been Ninja Storm... it was one of them, of that I am sure. Nonetheless... I couldn't help but chuckle. The multi-colored rangers that started out taking America by Storm (no pun intended), although when compared to Pikachu and co... well, they fell short of that blitzkreig, and have still managed to keep the interest of kids over a decade (no small task, of this I can assure you) haven't really gotten better at one thing: Dubbing... Horrid HORRID Dubbing back when they were Dinozords, or whatever they were first called (in america, mind you) still hasn't changed now that they're the whatever the fuck this one was called... it made me chuckle... Oh how it made me chuckle. I remembered being an addict, mostly because Amy Jo Johnson was a fucking goregous little hottie... ahh, how I have missed Kimberly Hart, but that wasn't just it... most of it, yes... but not all of it. And even after, when I was I think a Junior in high school, I'd turn to one of them, the one with guy who had the serpent tattoo... whichever that was, and watch like 10 minutes, since it was all that was on before the simpsons, and it was somewhat interested. Plus let's not get into the fact that I still look at fanfictions.net selection of various power ranger fics (although the best was easily the one where Adam killed himself, which then caused Rocky to kill himself via driving over a cliff... and they used to get sliced up by monsters real good too... eh. still, it was a very well done story, uber angst)

If I'm busy hearing about Power Rangers umm... enter random title here when (if) I have children... oh, how I'll chuckle.