April 2nd, 2003

Pluto close up

Madonna's rap scares me

Really... I love you, Madonna, always have, always will... but I expected more from you! NO RAPPING!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAD... still, she proclaims something about drinking a soy latte, and having a double shot-eh... it made me chuckle when I first saw it. The video in itself isn't "Bad" I don't see why people got pissed and proclaimed it was like anti-bush or anything... they're just stupid asses...

Working for SIX DAMNED HOURS! well... 5 now...

God forbid how boring this is going to be, but at least we have the internet... sweet beloved Ethernet has returned to me... how I have missed you.

I think I had something else to put in this, but if I remember I'll update later.