March 31st, 2003

Pluto close up


I have homework to do... and this RARE day off... was far too short, the weekend was long mind you, but this day was shoooooooooooort...

And I want it to be longer, because we don't fucking get days off so it makes the few we get all the more special.

Shia Leboufe rapping is a very scary thing... it should not be allowed to be!
Pluto close up

Oh yeah...

I've good news for my fellow video game freaks:

That mothers against violent video game addiction thingy that I posted, and then ramses posted which ended up getting more attention than my original post (not bitter) is not true. EGM said so... believe EGM, my friends, believe EGM. Just don't believe that guy when he says Zelda only deserves a 9.5... he lies!