March 29th, 2003

Pluto close up


I got the master Sword AND The Bow and Arrows... ahh... twas a good day in Zelda Land for me... a good day indeed.
Hookshot... Boomerang... Bow and Arrows... Bombs... Master Sword... somebody pinch me!!!!
Pluto close up


A little help from the Anime freaks on my friends list (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and no, there is nothing wrong with it *long live Sailor Moon*)... IS DB GT coming out on DVD? The latest issue of EGM that just came out shows an add for two dvd's which SAY DB GT (Show SS 4 Goku, too)... and I'm just wondering if they're actually translating it into english (and if they are, WHERE THE FUCK IS STARS?!)

So... you know... a little insight, not that I'm going to buy it, but I'd like to know...

Watching MTV Spring Break... because I'm at work and the girl is watching it... I can't do shit about what's on the TV. Apparently they're some twins from Canada... Canadian's shouldn't be allowed to give birth... let alone to twins.

That is all