March 6th, 2003

Pluto close up


The peircing place near the school apparently went out of business... as such I had to walk around town looking for a place that I could go to for my needs. I remembered that a place three blocks away could do it, so I went there. Long story short... they couldn't re-open my hole because if they did that would mean that it would rip my ear open, which probably isn't a good thing because while my ears are kinda oversized I would rather like to keep them.... 35 dollars for the hole, and 10 for the 'ring... 45 dollars total, plus a 5 dollar tip... and there went my Zelda funds... *yeah, right, I'd rather have my ear be chopped off than lose Zelda funs... really...* so, I go eat Jack in the Box (fast food... how I have missed thee) and then go to the bank and get some money out (the zelda funds come back).

Come home, Rachel calls and asks me if I want to work 8-11... I'm thinking to myself "wait... Rachel doesn't have a job anymore... does she?" Well, apparently my boss, and her boss as well, didn't fire her. Now we've got 3 Desk people and... umm... I forget how many hours... but it appears that I'm not going to be having 11.5 hours anymore (and I didn't even get one fucking week!!!!!) I don't know how many I'm getting... it makes me sad...
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