February 25th, 2003

Pluto close up

How I saved Rick and Andy's event...

Yeah, those are two of our RA's and they had Slot Car racing (which actually WORKED none of mine ever did... that always pissed me off when I was little) and GTA Vice City. However, Rick's friend who was supposed to bring them a PS2 and Vice City failed to deliever. So, I'm there talking to Kelli like I always do, since I have no life... but you know, I have a PS2, but I'd never waste my money on Vice City. Still, the game system IS more important than the game itself, and they were able to get one from Blockbuster or something... and I let them use my PS2. Of course... no one really showed up... honestly, Kristy and I showed up, and one other person who MAY have been there to play, I know someone said asomething about free food... but there was none, which is stupid.

Nontheless, I did a good thing... hmm, I wonder if that's actually a good thing.

Buffy was good, and Smallville... well, it almost made me not hate it as much as I normally do.