February 24th, 2003

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I dislike final fantasy fannies

Honestly... the die-hard fans are okay, but the newer ones piss me off. They think that VII is gods gift to the world, because that's when they realized that HEY Rpg's are really cool! Before then they just thought those type of games were what the weird kids who had no friends played, but noooooooooooo the minute Square makes pretty cinema's everyone hops on the damned bandwagon! I'm not trying to discredit VII, it was a really good game, but the Final Fantasy mystique DOES NOT start with VII, technically it starts with the first FF (But how many of us knew about it then? Besides... the first one was horrid, admit it, you know it's true.) I'll watch people (myself included) go wild every time a new addition comes out, but they refuse to go back and play IV, and especially VI which we all know is the crowning achievement of the series (and my first FF game... so it has so much personal value. Wiped? Yes, yes I am...) because it doesn't have pretty graphics.

Those of us who were happy when Cecil became a Paladin, and fucking died when Celes preformed at the Opera house... we know the score, Square can keep on doing FF (and I hope they do) but they can't top the classic 2D's regardless of how many conformists they manage to reel in.

You can bet my kids, should they play video games (with my luck, they'll be too busy playing football *shudder*) will know the joy of 2d... even if it kills them!
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Pluto close up

Video Game Woes...

Yeah, so now Namco went and released Xenosaga... curse them. I'm already behind not owning skies of arcadia legends, and I have to buy Zelda (which always WILL come first, everything else pales to Zelda... admit it!) plus... this SaGa ps2 game looks decent, AND I have to consider Dark Cloud 2...

son of a bitch