February 21st, 2003

Pluto close up


The fucker was down for... I think two and a half days... as such, I think this was the entry I intended on making Wednsday night:

FEAR ME SOLITARE FOR I HAVE DEFEATED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... it's a small triumph, but a triumph none the less. Okay... so LJ feels like being stupid, big surprise. Vanessa downloaded the great Pre-DD X2 Trailer, and we both squeed at it's superiority. From the trailer it does not appear that the movie will be a repeat of Wolverine, Rogue, some people named the X-Men, and some bad guys, too! (We know this movie as X1)

Speaking of X... it appears Kia will not be doing art chores on Uncanny 423 and 424... this saddens me as his art kicks ass!!! I'm thinking they're making him do the art on 425, which is likely an extra sized issue, so they're giving him a break from regular ones to cocentrate on the big one.


fucking american idol, making bernie mac go away for a week!

I may not have a job pretty soon. My friend Tyesha (at least I think it's my friend... not many people named Tyesha, so it's a pretty fair assumption) got one of the two RA jobs, and RA's HAVE to work 4 hours at the desk, she wants to work 8 like almost all of them, only one doesn't work 8 to my knowledge. As such, 8 hours that I or some other DA's worked are no longer up... which means that our boss may have more DA's than she needs...

Yup, looks like I won't have money for DSL anymore *sniff*

Finally got the Hey Hey Hey live Be With You! They focused on Hisashi, god of all pointy haired japanese rock guitar players, and I said "That's right, focus on Hisashi, FOCUS ON HISASHI!!!!"

It was a good moment

Indeed it was a very good moment, and I've since watched the clip like 5 times... I love GLAY!!!!!!! You must all love and worship GLAY, but not as much as you love and worship BoA. Hisashi may be a badass, but he's not the sexiest thing on the planet, now is he? No, he isn't...

Last night Kristi and I saw "Big Love" a play at the local theatre... it was great, highly amusing and VERY SEXIST! Soooooooooooo sexist, but that's part of it's charm. Theona is the woman, she's so cool, and doesn't take shit from men, YOU GO!

I really should get started on the next fic, which I have told some people about, but not everyone. Still, it's daylight, and I don't like writing when it's not dark, it messes with my mood.

My acting coach told the class that they are having Auditions for a late night soap opera on Sunday afternoon... I'd try out (I really do want to be in soaps, Dynasty esque soaps with torrid dramatics... oooooooooooo) but I'm fat, ugly, and know nothing of romantics... soaps are the type that require you to look like you're doing NAUGHTY things on camera, and it's just very icky.

Soon I will give little clips of the various comics I read, yes, I am that bored...
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