February 17th, 2003

Pluto close up


YAY!!!!!! She wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Okay... so I really only liked her because she wore that extra sexy blue dress, just so HAPPENS to share a name with the Zelda fish people, and Evan himself akined her to disney movies (which I just so happen to love)... and then we find out that she's a bloody humanitarian who is probably more pure than I, which, frankly, is pretty damned pure on the purity scale. Of course... they have to milk it one last *please, they'll do more of these, just wait till next year* time. And of course... like a sucker... I'll watch.

I ALSO GOT THE X2 TRAILER!!!!! First opens up with Bobby and the Drake family... apparently Bobby, who I always thought was an only child, has a brother. PLUS he and Rogue make kissy face... AND ICEMAN was in the credits..

oh it's a very good day