February 14th, 2003

Pluto close up


It took me over two months to get the last new episode of X-Men Evolution, the episode with the five original X-Men (For the uninformed, SHAME ON YOU! But the Five are Cyclops *Supreme Being that is Scott* Marvel Girl *His honey, Jean Grey* Iceman *In his post snowman form... which is a good thing* Beast *Furried, not just big feet and hands* and Angel *worthless piece of crap multi-millionare pretty boy...*) It was kiiiiiiiiiiiiiick ass. Not as good as the episode where Scott and Jean damn near make kissie face... ah, that was a classic... but good nonetheless.

I also found out that our RA's are less than... well... pure. Some do bad bad stuff, even if they are of age... they're RA's, they shouldn't support it!