February 12th, 2003

Pluto close up


I can only take so much stupid Poli-Sci reading... most of which is stories of post... well... you know... racism against people of Arab Descent... so I was actually proud of myself for being able to stomach it all, although the urge to go and strangle some pety people was indeed great. I MAY have a test tomorrow... or, if I get really unlucky, it already passed...

That wouldn't be good, nope... not good at all...

Speaking of Tests, I don't expect to get a very good grade on my Bio 4 test... I'm just praying for the curve to be very nice to me.

I walked some of the way home with Bill after our Phil 002 Class... when I commented on the fact that I feel that I should only be forced to share a bedroom with one person, my future wife, he asks if I'm going to get one of those. Doth Bill liken me to a homosexual? Well... it wouldn't exactly be unbelievable... people enjoy thinking I'm gay, it makes them feel better about themselves.

I finally got my Kazaa file list up to 1000+ GO ME!

I need to call the eye place and see if my contacts are in yet, it's been almost two weeks and they said it would be about a week and a half. Then I have to go and get myself over there somehow... I doubt Kelli can give me a ride, as RA's aren't SUPPOSED to give residents rides anywhere. Also, my evil social worker told me that my food stamps have been cancelled, so I have to go allllllllllllllll the way back over there, wait in line for a bit, then wait for even longer just to get a fucking appointment so Ic an wait for another four hours... grr
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Pluto close up


you know, with the frat bastards stalking a certain area of the campus looking for fresh faced other un-frat bastards to convert into frat bastards *did that make ANY sense?* and the protesters in front of the BMU... it's honestly become a very scary thing to walk around campus...