February 10th, 2003

Pluto close up

Bah, I say, BAH!

Okay.. yes, I watch Joe Millionaire *I await the bitch slap with much glee* But DAMMIT... that bastard, Evan, goes and gets invited to the Daredevil premier! Granted, I won't see the movie... but if being a reality TV personality gets me invited to super hero premiers where the hell do I sign up? I want to be invited to X2!!!!!
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Pluto close up


I was going to open with some LJ cut about how I lost my virginity... and that would entice you people to click inside and then I planned on saying that I lost my giving blood virginity, which in itself is indeed a form of virginity *nods*... but, I didn't want to think of dirty stuff, and appear to be a manwhore like other people, because manwhoring is bad.

Anywho, left here about 12:15 for my blood appointment at 1... got there about 12:35ish... and waited... finished at 2:05... and I had to wait 10 minutes before I could leave and eat stuff... it was actually pretty good stuff, too. Cake and Sesame sticks... mmm... So, I didn't go to my two o clock class... and I had a damned good reason! I WAS GIVING BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! It's creepy... the amount of blood they take out of you, it's like some huge packet thingy... anywho, I got a stupid chico state shirt and a box of candy which I have already ingested.

Then, I went to the place where my Phil 002 class is held... Jeremy, Tucker, and the new guy, Bryan (or Brian, dunno which) tried to talk to me. That Brian fellow attempted to do that foolish high five whatnot... and when I shunned him he did not seem very happy. They just laughed, they know better. Got my first quiz back, too... 9 out of 10, GO ME! Bill got a black eye in some fight, and is a frat boy now... it's depressing seeing people that you consider your friends waste away with booze and frats. Jeremy and Tucker can waste away all they want, I could honestly care less about them... but Bill is a nice guy, a really nice guy... so that wasn't very much fun...

Anywho, we did some shit in Phil and I worked with two girls because they took pity upon me since I had no one else to work with, and I sure as hell wasn't going to work with THOSE idiots... so I worked with them, it was fun.

One of the questions had to do with Elvis being alive and I said "if the king faked his death don't you think he would have picked a more dignified way to kick it than on his fucking toliet?" well... it's true.

Plus, they talked about some fake CNN addy that showed that Jay-Z and 50 cent had died... so I looked up and muttered "if only..."

I need to eat... and drink lots of fluid because they dehydrated me... I should probably get some water since I DID walk home...

Oh, and I thought of another fic idea... but, if you care, you'll have to wait and see
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