February 9th, 2003

Pluto close up

Tales of an insane mommy...

So, after work Kristy and I came to my room to watch the Ewok movie, because Kristy was feeling rather down and she loves star wars... perhaps more than I, but she doesn't have Import Yoda, natch! Anywho, at like 12:05 Mom calls, obviously drunken off her ass. She spends 12 minutes whining about how she wants to go to war instead of me, like she would go if they tried to take me. Then she gets on that whole "fuck a woman and make me a baby! I don't give a damn about your future, I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN OLD GRANDMOTHER!" rant... needless to say I'm just rolling my eyes and not saying anything so she starts crying again and says that she'll talk to me again when I care about what she has to say...

I'm still wondering how long it will take me to care about what she has to say... bit I digress.
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